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Transform your office or home into a haven of comfort with our advanced air conditioning units. These systems not only cool your spaces but also expertly manage humidity, purify the air, and introduce fresh air from the outdoors. This ensures an optimal and balanced indoor environment, free from urban allergens and exhaust pollutants.

Our air conditioning solutions come with user-friendly controls, allowing you to customize the climate of each room to your preference. They are equipped with innovative internet-based remote monitoring technology, enabling building managers to manage settings remotely conveniently and efficiently.

Embrace eco-friendly technology with our air conditioning installations. Our systems utilize cutting-edge heat recovery technologies from refrigeration processes, providing cost-effective heating solutions while minimizing carbon emissions. Built-in sensors intelligently switch off the units when not in use, further reducing environmental impact.

Considering an air conditioning installation in Surrey, London, or nearby areas? Contact Esher Mechanical Services for a complimentary site survey. We provide detailed quotes and timelines, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process tailored to your needs.

Cooling a single room

  • Connects one indoor unit to a single outdoor unit.

  • Easy and discreet installation on buildings

  • Delivers sophisticated air conditioning to single-zone interior spaces at an affordable price.


Cooling multiple rooms

  • Connects up to nine indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

  • Connects a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces.

  • Provides individual control of room temperature settings.

  • Allows different styles and capacities of indoor units to be used

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