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How it works

Modern buildings are subject to stringent requirements for energy efficiency, reducing the natural flow of air through a building and bringing unwanted side effects including:

  • Lack of fresh air and oxygen

  • Greater risk of allergies

  • Long lasting odours

  • Increased mould-causing condensation

As part of a whole building integrated system which provides heating, cooling, hot water, air purification and ventilation, our ventilation systems are highly efficient. Tailor-made to the exact requirements of each space, a modular combination of air handling units delivers fresh air and provides filtration throughout a building for better-than-fresh air.  


Our commercial ventilation systems also utilise heat recovery technology to reclaim heat and reuse it to warm incoming, clean air - delivering energy savings of up to 40%. EMS have over 35 years of experience in providing Air Conditioning services to companies and households in Surrey, so if you are considering installing hot water systems then contact us and we will carry out a free site survey and provide you with prices and timescales for the job.

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