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Heat recovery ventilation is the process in which the fresh air supply is continuously preheated by warming it with outgoing exhaust air via highly efficient heat exchangers such as Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Systems or Daikin VAM units which transfer a high percentage of heat energy to incoming supply air.


On a daily basis, a human being usually consumes 1500 litres of indoor air. A good HVAC heating ventilation air conditioning ventilation system can protect you and your family, and also interior fabrics from potentially harmful condensation. These harmful elements that cause anti-purification in your home air are caused by unavoidable everyday tasks such as cooking, bathing and washing.


Absolute AC can help you find the right heat recovery ventilation system to eliminate harmful consumption. We are able to provide full Heat Recovery ventilation systems to prevent problems caused by excess humidity caused by Bath Rooms and Kitchens with excess humidity. ``emS are authorised installer of Daikin VAM and Mitsubishi Lossnay HRV Systems.

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